Get the most out of your waterfront fun with Docks on Wheels.  Since 1978, Docks on Wheels staff has perfected no-nonsense construction techniques for roll-in or stationary docks.

Ideal for any residential or resort landing area - built for boats or seaplanes. 

Free on-site inspections to determine your dock needs. We have most sizes on hand.  Docks can also be made to order. We also take docks on trade.

Custom Docks -
  • available in 5 or 6' widths
  • 20-60' long
  • "T" or "L" configurations available
  • Benches, railings, ladders, winches, lightpoles or flagpoles added on request
  • Decking of green-treated, hand-picked pine lumber and steel framework with industrial enamel paint minimizes upkeep
  • Decking attached with screws
  • Docks can be floated to your site
  • Anti-seize compound applied to hubs protects submerged parts against rusting and immobility
  • Legs of 2 1/2" pipe

Fill out our Dock Info Worksheet and we will contact you to discuss your dock options.





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